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The Sentry by Orion gives you the economy and strength of powered prestretch film delivery at an entry level price. Don’t be fooled by lower priced stretch wrappers with mechanical tension film carriages which apply film at a much lower stretch level. This can not only waste stretch film but can lead to load failure in transit. The fact is that today’s modern stretch films are engineered to be elongated from 200% to 300% for maximum performance and economy.

The Sentry comes with a 200% powered prestretch film carriage which helps you save on film costs and give you a superior holding force compared to hand wrapping or mechanical tension wrappers. The Sentry is built to give you year after year of dependable, trouble-free operation with steel construction, heavy-duty components and reliable electronics.

Wrapping your loads by hand is hard work and can lead to repetitive motion injuries. It’s also a very inefficient way to unitize loads because most people hand wrapping can only stretch the film between 5% and 10%. The harder they pull, the more the film necks down and the more times they have to walk around the load. Now for under $6,300, you can have neat, professional looking loads that are wrapped with prestretched film for maximum load holding power.

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