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Shanklin Omni® modular plug-and-play infeed systems allow you to purchase different stand-alone infeed modules to meet changing product and/or process needs rather than purchasing a complete new wrapper for each new application.


Compact, versatile belted indexing infeed designed to accept product from controlled, conveyed production.


Versatile belted indexing infeed with product separation conveyor. Design permits minimum film width requirement for belted feeding systems


 Standard 8′ flighted infeed converyor includes quick change flight lugs, cluster lubrication and no-product detect. Choose from a variety of product guide rail systems to fit a broad range of applications. Optional extended lengths are available in 4′ increments.


 High-speed belted indexing infeed. Available with side-belt or overhead-belt product control conveyor.

NEW Wide Flight

Standard 8′ wide flight infeed converyor provides the ability to manually or automatically load multi-packs in the machine width direction at speeds greater than 30 packages per minute

NEW Product Placement Infeed

 The product placement infeed is an indexing infeed that includes a pneumatic product gate, accelerator belts and a 4′ flighted infeed converyor
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