Equipment Details



  • Rigid, single-piece aluminum frame*
  • Large sealed, double-row ball bearings support high speeds up to 400 FPM
  • Built-in tee slots allow rapid accessory mounting
  • Supports optional V-Guide Belts for reversing and side-loading applications
  • High speed rolling Nosebar Tails available for tight transfers
  • Available AC or Brushless DC Motors offer compact drives capable of high speeds
  • Unique Pivot™ Drive package rotates to any position for maximum flexibility
  • Push-button Tension Release Tail allows fast belt changes and easy access to frame to clean or clear debris

* Conveyors 12″ and wider feature multi-piece steel/aluminum construction


  • Widths: 2″ to 24″
  • Lengths: up to 20′
  • Loads: up to 120 lbs
  • Speeds: up to 400 FPM
  • Profile: 1.95″ High
  • Assembled with all Metric Fasteners
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