Equipment Details



ARPAC’s Model 25TW-28 tray wrapper is part of a dependable line of shrink packaging systems designed to service a wide variety of industries with around-the-clock reliability. This compact and economical single frame shrink wrapper is capable of wrapping up to 25 products per minute, depending on product size.

The 25TW-28 is ideal for wrapping a wide range of products in either a single tier or stacked arrangement.

The 25TW tray wrapper guarantees years of reliable service and is ready to ship in as little as two weeks from order date.

Mode of Operation
The system operation begins when product transfers from the customer’s production line onto the infeed conveyor. Product can be manually loaded or paced onto the infeed with an optional 36″ pacing conveyor. From the infeed conveyor the paced products intersect the film curtain and pass over the seal bar being enveloped in film as it comes to a stop on the seal conveyor. The seal bars close, welding the film to form a sleeve around the product. The seal conveyor then advances the product into the shrink tunnel where the combination of heat and air flow shrink the film sleeve around the product to form a tight neat package. When the package exits the tunnel it passes under a turbo cooling section, aiding in the film shrinking process.

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