Squid Ink

In 1992, the ink jet fluid industry was ripe for change. Manufacturers were selling drop-on-demand ink at more than $300 per 5-gallon pail.

Squid Ink saw an opportunity to provide high quality products at a fair price. They began manufacturing a higher quality product and selling it at $75 per pail. Our ink jet fluids ran cleaner than the competitive fluid at one-fourth the cost.

Squid Ink increased the quality of the product, gave customers more value for their money and gained their trust. Customers have relied on Squid Ink products ever since. Today, their product line has expanded to include barcode and batch code printing equipment and case taping equipment, as well as superior quality inks.

Squid Ink Manufacturing’s Database Integration with Hi-Res CoPilot Printing System

In this video, date and time information is added to a box using a Squid Ink CoPilot printer. From there, a CoPilot 382 with two, 2.1″ printheads adds high-resolution bar coding. Last, a Wi-Fi device that is running Orion software seamlessly communicates database information with the print controller.