Multi Feeder Technology

Multifeeder Technology® was founded in the United States to design and manufacture superior friction feeders and accessories, using the latest design techniques with state-of-the-art components and materials. With experience in industries such as packaging, printing, food, security, fulfillment, and pharmaceutical packaging, Multifeeder Technology can help small businesses and international companies alike. While originally set out to develop the best friction feeders in the market, Multifeeder Technology has diversified its product offerings to include labeling systems and turnkey solutions.

Evolving as a company, Multifeeder Technology’s engineering corps grew and began developing products and systems commonly believed to possess a lock in their industries. Investing heavily in computer-control and motherboard technology, and developing its own unique, patented techniques for such processes as labeling, it has been able to create products that are simply faster, more accurate, and return a greater value to its customers. Working with partners throughout the world, Multifeeder has witnessed project scopes and requirements of all kinds. Its engineering team has and continues to provide system solutions to customers with unique and demanding applications. This is due to its priority of investing in tomorrow’s technology.

Multifeeder Technology provides premium performance through advanced technology, continual research, development, design engineering, and advanced testing. Strict adherence to these principles has resulted in these high performance friction feeding and labeling products. It is only company in its industry that provides the customer with complete computer-controlled feeding, an easy-to-use interface, brushless servo-motor based equipment, and product control that works even with the most delicate of products. Multifeeder Technology will continue to challenge the industry to keep up with its technological improvements.

Its friction feeders, labelers, and accessories can easily be integrated with wrapping machines, conveyors, cartoning machines, and other processes to provide a total system solution. Multifeeder Technology recognizes the wide range of needs for customer applications and is one of the few manufacturers to offer flexible, customized solutions. Choose a plug-and-play unit that fits easily with just about any type of equipment or opt for custom modifications that can meet specific needs. Our application engineers are ready to solve your packaging problems, and we pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions that are feature-packed and offer the highest level of performance.