Marden Edwards

Market Leaders since 1961

Marden Edwards is a company that was established in 1961 and is experienced in the design and manufacture of overwrapping and Shrink wrapping systems. The position as international market leader is the result of an exceptionally comprehensive product range, an ability to tailor our machines to individual applications and a world-wide network of trade partners providing local expertise and after-sales service.

Based in Wimborne, United Kingdom, Marden Edwards operates from two purpose built factories from where its equipment is designed, manufactured, assembled and supported.

Over 9,000 Marden Edwards Overwrapping systems have been produced and shipped to more than 150 countries. It is a measure of the reliability and lasting quality of the machinery that many of the early machines produced more than 40 years ago are still in production.

B100FF Overwrapping Computer Game Cases

Marden Edwards B100FF Ovewrapping computer game cases at speeds of up to 40 cases per minute Media