About Us

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We established our Bi-Lingual Dallas, Texas family business in 1981. Our focus centered on shrink equipment, films, service and parts. Over the years we established an excellent reputation and became a dominant force in the North Texas Market for equipment and consumable solutions, prompt service response, and customer dedication. Our strength has always been abundant stock, same day equipment and materials delivery reinforced by our rapid service response time and our ability to cater to our customers ever increasing needs.

In June 2007 we became a Sealed Air Distributor. We began marketing CRYOVAC Shrink Films, SHANKLIN Shrink Packaging Equipment and PROTECTIVE Packaging Components in the North Texas Area. Our business then skyrocketed to the next level of distribution. We became the hottest pistol in Sealed Air’s holster.


We want to give your businesses a chance to thrive. We do this by providing everything you would need to run a production facility from packaging equipment, packaging supplies, to janitorial supplies.

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We have the brands that you if you are new to the packaging world have never heard of but have likely seen there handy work. Companies like Cryovac, Sealed Air, Shanklin, AEP, Orion, Markim Emaji, Multi-Feeder, Strapack etc. Are all used or handled by consumers every day. They are used by all major companies in all industries. We carry all these manufactures to not only give the customer a wide variety to pick from but to allow us to find the correct product for your application. The fact of the matter is every product needs a package no matter what industry you’re in.

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We have the expertise to not only find a packaging solution for your business but to cut cost through an integrated packaging system. Using the right equipment is important and if your business doesnot have the capital to hire a full technical staff to service the machines we sell then we can help. We offer service and training on all of the equipment we sell. We can also fix a wide variety of packaging equipment that you may currently own.